The Old Journal Entries: #4:First impressions are everything:

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originally Posted October 10th, 2002

Hello Everyone,

You know this last weekend {October 3rd thru the 6th} I performed for the first time at the Seattle Underground. Yes, in thirteen years of comedy I’ve never done that room. You know I think Seattle has certainly gotten their taste of Lonnie Bruhn.

This was my first time at the Underground so I had to go in as the feature act and not the Headliner. I tried to explain to my agent that I was not the kind of act that you want to put up before another act that dresses up in a cow suit but I guess sometimes it is best to step on stage and prove it. So that is what I did. Thursday’s show was my first and I was working with a headliner that we will not name for reasons I will get into in a bit. I did my show and put everything into it that I could muster up because I don’t wish to continue featuring there. I’m a closer. I’m not one to brag but I lit the room up. It is the closest to a full standing “O” I ever have gotten, half the room stood up at the end of my show. And the end of the entire show, they called for me to give an encore instead of the headliner. (Sorry Seattle, I just can’t disrespect the headliner like that.) I had to turn down their requests.

Okay, now the headliner, he had a ruff set. Well… they hated him. But to their defense, he truly was one of the worst comedians I have ever witnessed. I don’t like to talk shit about comedians but just because you’ve been in this business for 600 fucking years doesn’t mean your years are worth the same weight in gold. I watched him from the back of the room and you remember that look on your face that you had when you saw the two towers fall for the first time, well that’s the same look I had watching his performance. I could swear I heard someone from the corner of the room yelling out, “Oh my fucking God! THEY’RE JUMPING! THEY’RE JUMPING!”

The next night came to no surprise that I was being told by the Underground that I was being moved from the Seattle Underground to the Tacoma Underground. The news of this drama spread through the comic scene in Seattle and Tacoma like a ten dollar whore spreading for a five dollar tip. Apparently the headliner felt I was too dark for the bill and so I was switched. And yes, I know that I’m a twisted fuck, but I also think I was way too funny and he wanted that shit fixed. The thing is I believe that if you are a true headliner you should be able to follow anything that comes your way; especially if you’ve been doing it as long as he has. Hell, he’s a prop comic, pull something out of your bag that makes you funny for Christ sake. Like an act from the the new millennium

The good news in all this is that no one was upset with me and everyone felt bad that it had to go down like it did and because of the ordeal, they plan on bringing me back up to Seattle very soon in a more appropriate bill. So Seattle, we shook things up and I’ll be back very soon.

I want to thank everyone at the Tacoma Underground. I finished out my weekend there and also had unforgettable time. I’m being brought back there very quickly as well. I’d like to thank Jason and his wife, Harold Gomez because he was the comedian that had to switch with me. He ended up having to go out of his way to do an extra show. And very good friend and great comedian, Joey V. Plus I’d like to thank the great fucking audiences that saw me and anyone who I’m forgetting.
I want to thank the staff and all the comedians up in Seattle that supported me as this all went down. I was treated with a lot of respect. I will never forget the first time in Seattle. I guess it’s true what they say, first impressions are everything.