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The launch of a brand new

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I’ll make this sweet and simple.  Just before I left to go overseas to Japan, I was trying to tweek a few design issues with my tour page. Well, I ended up fucking the look of the entire site. I wasn’t surprised because back then, not a lot was going right. The site getting butchard was just another casualty.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right? No! That saying sucks sweaty ass. When you have a turd, the best you can do is polish up and douse it  with perfume. That’s my take on it.

So what do you think of my pretty smelling polished turd?

There is a lot that’s new but st the moment it’s mostly design and layout.

What can you expect in the very near future:

  • Brand new podcast episodes for starters. I’m reviving “FROM THE NOOK!” So be on the lookout.
  • I will have a photo gallery up in the next month. It is a collection of my own photography. Some people knit, I take photos and swear like a raging lunatic with Tourette when the shoot doesn’t go well.
  • I can’t give a definite answer to when I’ll have a new series of video shorts because I’m still playing with a few different ideas. I can say it will definitely happen.

Keep coming back because now that the site is up and running, I’ll be devoting a lot more time to it. I am excited to re-engage my fans just like the old days.

I can’t thank you all enough for your patience and your understanding.

See you on the other side.