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“Lonnie Bruhn doesn’t particularly need anyone’s validation. He knows he’s funny…always has been…no numbers are going to tell anyone any different. This, I think, is Lonnie’s first time ever in the Seattle International Comedy Competition…and for someone who once had a reputation as a comic who respected no boundaries in going for his laughs, Lonnie has showed amazing control–learned over the years and polished until it allows him to walk into any situation and connect with any audience.

He took top honors on TV Clean night for this week. I’m not sure that was what anyone expected–but he owned it. He didn’t feel the draw to push the envelope of what might be TV Clean…he didn’t get caught in the game of trying to figure out what you could get away with or what words would have to be changed to make material fly…he just went up there and was as funny as he could be…and it was perfectly TV Clean…and he was rewarded by the audience and the judges for his efforts.

In stressful situations, some seem to handle the pressure very well. Lonnie Bruhn is such a performer and he proved it last night.
–Peter Grey- Seattle International Comedy Competition Talent Coordinator

“Lonnie Bruhn is one funny cripple. He uses that particular c-word shortly after he’s clambered onstage with his cane and/or walker. You’ll get over it. Maybe when he extols the virtues of his tricked-out walker — two words: drink holder — or tells the story of rolling it into a strip club.

Bruhn, who always knew he’d do comedy, has an eye for hilarity, even when it’s a little too soon to joke.

The Portland comic is not interested in varnishing the truth about living with cerebral palsy (or being a father or anything else, really) or giving anybody a gold star for being sympathetic. His set at Humboldt Brews is not going to turn into a McDonald’s Special Olympics commercial.

Instead, prepare for the raw observations of a smart, grumpy, insightful, mildly horny, likable guy who loves his life and finally got his diabetic kid to clean his room by hiding the insulin somewhere in the mess.”
–By Jennifer Fumiko Cahill-A+E Blog | The Journal- The C-word

“Lonnie Bruhn’s comedy was the reason I attended SMUT PRESENTS at the Funhouse Lounge, and I definitely plan to come when he’s the headliner next month.
… Lonnie’s comedic take on his particular challenges are brutally honest & funny – that’s what I call serious humor that makes me laugh!”

–Kathryn- A dedicated fan

“Portland standup staple Lonnie Bruhn — an extremely funny and unapologetically honest comic who happens to have cerebral palsy–was frankly hilarious. Many called it the funniest performance they’d seen on the stage this year.”
— Toke Of The Town: Charlie Bott

Bruhn is more than an edgy comic—his openness about his entire life and his difficulties with cerebral palsy is cathartic and enlightening.”
— The Portland Mercury 2010: Andrew R Tonry

So the majority of comedy shows can be a full-on tossup, either rum-and-Coke-spewing-from-your-nose funny or utterly painful to the point that the closest thing resembling a laugh is really just an effing hiccup. But here at WW, we like the edgy shit. And we know you do, too. Lonnie Bruhn delivers. And yes, Bruhn, a native Portlander, was born with cerebral palsy. But don’t feel sorry for him—he’s sure to get the last laugh.
— Willamette Week

It’s become gradually clear that Portlander Lonnie Bruhn is a standup comedian who doesn’t hold back. His act is relentlessly honest.
— The Portland Mercury:

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