Signs of a midlife crisis

Prepare yourselves for an hour of hilarious untethered confessions

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Prepare yourselves for an hour of hilarious untethered confessions from the nostalgic past, aging,our ageing parents becoming our children, heartbreak, and an increasingly outrageous sex life as if I was going down in a fiery plane crash and only had five minutes left before impact!

Every year it has been my tradition on the eve of Thanksgiving to perform a hour comedy special sprinkled in with a little of the old favs. It always takes place at one of my favorite bars in the Portland area, Cedarville Inn. This year is no different.

The 7th Annual Thanksgiving Eve Comedy Tradition The 8th Annual Thanksgiving Eve Comedy Tradition  is going to be extra special for me. This year my birthday falls just 3 days short of  the show. I am turning 45 years old and as we all get older we give less and less shit with each passing day. We make fewer rational choices, replacing our conventional wisdom with the necessity to shift our attention to accomplishing the remaining items on our bucket list.   We base most of what we want for our lot in life on the remaining years we have left; which we know to be short and can be seen just over the horizon as a dramatic drop downward all the way to the finish line.

This year’s theme: Signs Of a Midlife Crises.  (The list on the article could just as easily be the setlist for this year’s upcoming show).

My special guest comedians I have planned for the evening are some of the sharpest and talented comedians in Portland. First up is a transplant from Pittsburgh. Ben Harkins wields a calm calculated dry witted delivery; each new tangent is crafted with a brilliantly funny conclusion you’ll never see coming. Ben is one of Portland’s rising new prospects you’ll want to keep an eye on, because he’s going places.

My feature act won this year’s title of Portland’s Funniest put on by Portland’s Helium Comedy Club. This is with good reason too. Nariko Ott takers social commentary to new heights. It is one thing to spit the truth about observations in our life; it is entirely different when everything said makes us all stop (not to think) but to catch our breath from laughing.

Full details can be found over here.