Loading Lonnie

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After a long journey (like being in the Amazing Race)  I have made it to my destination. We started in Portland and flew to Seattle,  Seattle to Tokyo, Tokyo to Bangkok and finally Bali.  There will be many updates to follow, but how about we first address the Loading Lonnie post I was tagged in by Rachel.IMG_0178

In Bankok they do not have a Jetway for most flights so instead you take a bus out to the tarmac and load into the plane via the staircase. This is an old fashion way of doing things for sure, unless you are me of course.

My Thainees assistant (I know that isn’t a word but it is now) loaded me into a wheelchair and rolled me out to a truck. The money they spent on this contraption must have been $280, 000 or in their currency $ 280, 000,000,000,00,00 or Infinity $$$.  Whichever comes sooner. My personal opinion is that is is a huge waste of their money. Anyway, I get loaded into this truck.  Now you must understand, I was the only one they needed to load.  I get put into what looks like from the inside, a Chinook helicopter. From their a crew drove me out to the aircraft and the truck hydraulically lifted the entire carriage to the door of the aircraft like one of those high lift catering trucks. I get delivered to the door only after the crew knocked first and waited patiently for Flight attendant to open up the aircraft. I then safely stepped aboard my flight and took my seat.
IMG_0181I could go into even more detail but sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words and you may be asking yourself, why in the hell would I ever travel half way around the world just go through all of this?  Like I said, my life is a wonderfully scripted comedy. So why did I do it? I did it for the stories, like one of those war corespondents traveling to Syria.  They risk their life for the story. Why should I live any differently.