The Hiatus Is Over

In NEWS by Lonnie Bruhn

Many of you, (my loyal and awesome fans) may not have even noticed but in 2016, I went on hiatus, taking a break from the stage; something I had never done in my 30 years of performing comedy. Part of the reason it went unnoticed is because I never made any sort of announcement. Comedians who declare retiring from comedy always piss me off. It’s just stupid to declare a future that may or may not happen. It’s like when Brett Farve retired twice. It’s embarrassing.

The other reason was because I was still performing, it was just limited to projects I was passionate about. I still took the stage to host events I was producing, headlining special event shows in some of my favorite venues or jumping onto lineups produced by people in the industry I love and respect.

I hadn’t made up my mind as to whether I would want to return to the industry committed to filling the calendar year with new bookings and hitting the road touring full time.

Honestly, the last few years, I lost respect in the industry. It was beginning to disgust me. The real problem I had wasn’t even with management, bookers and club owners. As many of you know, that was usually the problem I had. I despise being told what I can and can’t say and that piece of me will never change. However, the problem I struggled with since 2016, was related to comedians, my own colleague within the industry. It was the first time where my own peers were trying to sensor other comedians. I just wasn’t cool wit that. There never will be a day where n open micer or a part time local enthusiasts, or a “real” comedian, my level, or better will ever dictate what I should and should not say on stage. Comedians who think they know what’s best for the art disgust me.

Who the fuck do these comedians think they are trying to tell others what’s best? Did they share the stage with me? No! Did they share my burdens in life? No! Were they with me grieving beside me when I had to send my son to jail just to get help for his mental illness? No! If they weren’t along side me for that shit show ride, they sure in the fuck aren’t going to tell me how I should process it using humor.

Ah, but you see, that anger was another reason for taking the break. I had a lot of personal grief to deal with and it simply wasn’t funny enough to take to the stage. It only took a few performances before I realized, I was no longer seeing things through humor tinted glasses so it was time to take the break.

For the first time in my career, I had nothing funny to say, and nothing was funny enough to laugh. It wasn’t your regular writer’s block; I was indifferent about comedy. I wasn’t even sure if I cared to ever do it again in the way I had before. The only reason I performed in limited settings is because I hadn’t made up my mind to give up comedy for good, but was positive I still needed to perform just as part of my own healing process. Why, well because making people laugh isn’t what I do, laughing with people about the shit I write and the stories I tell that makes us all laugh – that’s what I do. Plus, if you don’t keep performing at least on a partial basis, you get real rusty.

It is time to return to the stage. I have new stories about the journey over the last few years. I am ready to hit the road again, filling up my calendar with as much work as possible. For anyone wondering what that might be like, let me assure those concerned; if you’ve never seen my shows, I put 100% into every show I’m booked for. I’m not an open mic comedian desperate for stage time to flush out new material. I know what the fuck I’m doing. I have over 30 years experience. If I’m hired to perform in your venue or club, it will be one of the best performances you’ve had in your venue and an experience you’ll never forget. That is because I have always loved comedy and if I waited four years to decide on returning, I waited until I was sure that it was the right thing to do!