Good to be back! Dec 2nd Portland, Or


STOP! Before reading any further, I’m sticking the most important information at the top. It’s the part you’ll definitely want to read. 

In celebration of my 25th year in comedy, For one night only on Dec. 2nd I’ll be taking the stage at Harvey’s Comedy club with a brand new hour. Hosting for the night is the extremely hilarious Don Frost. Get your crew together and make it out, you don’t want to miss this show.  All the details are here.

Please join my mailing list because I’m going to be offering  promotional discounts exclusive to those who subscribe. Keep checking back here and also my facebook fan page. I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve. All through the month of Nov, I’ll be posting different ways to get tickets at a discount. 

Let’s not waste any time. It’s good to back in full force. Now, the question is, where was I and why did I go. To clear things up. I didn’t really leave completely. I still performed occasionally, the shows were just mostly off the grid. Rather than put a lot of unnecessary  pressure on myself, I just relaxed and let things happen on their own. My closest friends and family know, I’m not programmed to go with the flow. Everything in my life is rigid and must happen in a certain way, a certain order and according to plan.

Life, universe, the Cosmos, whatever you want to call it, plays by it’s own set of rules. Those rules are: There are no fucking rules! “I’ll shitstorm your entire life if I want to. If you have plans, goals, hopes, dreams; keep them flexible. There’s no telling what I’ll do because I’m a fucking sadistic prick.”

I’m paraphrasing, but if the powers that be can have creative liberties, than so can I. I don’t make the rules, I’ve just gotten better at playing by them. I had to learned the hard way.

Realistically, it is about as close as I’ve come to taking a long break from comedy. With the occasional shows to feed my addiction. Like when I went back east and performed in New York for the first time, or my first time performing overseas in Japan. Then there was my first appearance on Primetime TV. I was given the opportunity to be on Last Comic Standing and even though my actual aired spot was short. It was a moment I’ll never forget. I’ll leave that entry for another day.

I needed the break. 2014 was a terrible year for me personally. There was a lot of loss and I just didn’t give a shit about comedy. I didn’t even feel funny.  What many don’t know is that I nearly hung up the mic. I didn’t despise comedy. I was indifferent to it, which is worse.

The website going down, well that was just an unfortunate mishap. The design and layout got destroyed. I used it as an opportunity to give the site an all new look. After all, I’ve changed a lot since 2014, and I’m looking forward to performing again. It’s a new me, a new website, a new hour and in the near future, a new tour.