Ep62: Politics as usual


From The Nook Podcast

It isn’t that I don’t think comedians can’t talk about politics and make it funny. Many are really good at, but most of the time I ever see it work consistently is in satirical show like The Daily News or The Colbert Report. I guess what I’m getting at is that I’m not good at it; maybe because I am informed and a little close to it. The question, can I take the government shut down and make it relatable to our everyday life? You let me know because I’m going to give it a try.

In this episode: Ep62: Politics as usual

  • The worst fiscal cliff hangover.
  • Way to let your son down, Lonnie
  • If I were a superhero
  • America’s pocketbook? Try being a comedian
  • Governments are run by gross creepy ugly old men
  • Get up inside that lady
  • One day, I’ll be able to talk,but it will not be today
  • When spend your capital you loose the article