Ep60: It’s okay if you never listen to this


From The Nook Podcast

After a month long vacation I’m back recording new episodes of my podcast. Let me forewarn you though, this went in a direction I never planned. I shared people, Oh I shared… and if you are brave enough to listen, I can promise, you will all need a good shower cleansing afterwards. Even I took one.

.In this episode: Ep60: It’s okay if you never listen to this

  • The great purge of 2013 (20 min you can skip)
  • No arms, no legs and a massage gone wrong
  • Part of the process is failing
  • Poems, songs, a keyboard, and women I liked to sing to
  • A real life sex doll, polyester pants and running shoes
  • Look into my eyes so I can fart


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