Ep59: Live from the Red Room


From The Nook Podcast

Episode 59 is a very special episode. It is my very first live recording of From The Nook. It was a night to celebrate my DVD release of “Truth Hurts”. Believe it or not, everything went as smooth as a baby’s ass. Chris Smith surprised me by flying out to Portland to be a part of the night’s festivities and everyone knew he was coming but me. So sit back and enjoy a slightly intoxicated host, a sold out audience and a night I will never forget.


In this episode: Ep59: Live from the Red Room

  • Pretend radio and a live show
  • The big reveal
  • My first guest: Crystal Kordowski
  • Missionary Squirter
  • My Second Guest: Chris Smith
  • Guy, Girl, lets call the whole thing off


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