Ep54: The Confessional Sessions with guest Marconi


From The Nook Podcast

Like I promised, In an earlier episodes I explained that I would be starting a new series on From The Nook and tonight is its debut. Tonight I rekindle an old love affair with a local Portland radio personality and great friend, Marconi.  Some of you may remember Marconi from his afternoon radio show with Tiny on NRK 94.7. Some may remember him from when he took over the afternoon radio waves over at K.G.O.N. with Kristine Levine and Big Jim. I remember him because after getting an opportunity to open up for Doug Stanhope.  Marconi gave me a chance to come on his radio show, build a fan base and create a lasting relationship that still is strong today.  Now Marconi is taking to my podcast and giving all of you a more intimate side of himself. It was honor to have him on.  Thank you sir

In this episode: Ep54: The Confessional Sessions with guest Marconi

  • There’s really no reason for me to be on your show
  • An interview in an interview in an interview
  • Don’t be a basic bitch


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