Ep53: What it is Like


From The Nook Podcast

In episode 53 I explore the challenges of what it is like to just be alive. Is it a blessing, or is it simply good enough to get to the finish line in one piece? Whether it is a single working woman, a black man with the real obstacles of equality and skin color, or even a small dog, life is tough. The twist is that I explore this in a very untraditional way.  I profile 3 stories in what is a rough draft for a future bigger project I am working on.  It is merely the beginning process, so don’t expect magic right out of the gate. Instead, just enjoy it for what it is

In this episode: Ep53:What it is like

  • Harley the West Highland White Terrier
  • Elizabeth a 36 year old single working woman
  • Hello my name is Terrell


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