Ep51: Area 51


From The Nook Podcast

Area 51 is a mysterious warehouse of memories I decided to forcefully take you, my avid listeners to.  A place you didn’t ask to be taken, but do I care? No, instead, I ignore all social cues and take you on a journey to my past whether you wanted to go or not. I’m not sure why I felt the need to do a” best of” the last 50 episodes. I guess this is how I repay my loyal fans, by making you listen to this crap again.  What I learned was going back and researching what I thought might be better moments in my podcast career, our in fact, terribly awkward clips that should not have ever aired more than once.  Hell, I’m not sure why they aired at all. I hope you enjoy this episode because I’ll never do another “best of” in the future. Lesson learned

In this episode: Ep51: Area 51

  • The errors of my ways
  • Ooh La La, I few good rants
  • Skitty Skitty Sketcher Skits
  • The early days


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