Ep50: Am I a hack?


From The Nook Podcast

Ep50 was supposed to be an epic milestone of my podcast; I was even going to have it be a best of the last 50.  However, something came up over the last few weeks that needed to be addressed; something truly important to all comedians with any amount of respect and love for the craft. Gabe Dinger, a Portland favorite, a brilliant writer and a comedian I have an unbelievable amount of respect in has a premise and joke in his act that he wrote. I also wrote something very similar. It was never intentional on my part to perform a piece almost word for word, nor was I aware we had the same idea until we discussed it. This episode is a no thrills episode where I sincerely apologize to Gabe and explain the entire story from my perspective. I also decided to take this moment to really discuss the topic of lifting material.  Their is a blurry line between a real comedic thief and when a comedian truly isn’t stealing intentionally and this issue is a sore spot for all of us in the business. Every comedian and lover of comedy should take the time to listen to this very special episode and then keep the dialog going.

In this episode: Ep50: Am I a hack?

  • Crossing the blurry line
  • Pointing fingers and labeling comedians
  • Sincerely, I am sorry



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