Ep48: From Footlights to Fatherhood


From The Nook Podcast

After finally finishing the live recording and DVD shoot at Star Theater, after hell week promoting the night with Chris Smith and after a year and a half preparing for this one special night, it is over.  Truth Hurts is in post-production, the night is in the past, I am no longer dreaming of what will come of the evening but instead trying to hold onto the memories of the evening.  What now though? I’m left wondering where to focus my energy.  I guess for now it will be resting and taking on a new important role as full time father.  My 13 year old boy has come to live with me and now I have to help create his dream, and I thought I had a lot riding on the DVD recording.  My story is just beginning.

In this episode: From Foot-lights to fatherhood

  • Tired, emotional, that one moment is in the past, so what is next?
  • Psoriasis the Sequel
  • Full time Fatherhood, the role of a lifetime

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