Ep39: The Dunce factor


From The Nook Podcast

To get the full impact of this episode, you’ll need to watch this video first:

Let’s face it; if there is one thing the world doesn’t need, it is people who are deviants to our society. Our culture is filled with them though.   You can find them everywhere, from your traditional teenage and grade school bullies to someone who can’t even drive down the street without risking everyone’s life around them. And for what, all because they felt slighted while merging into one lane of traffic? It can be as insignificant as not answering your cell phone when we all know you’re not really away from it, to an extreme example of what might just be the worst human ever filmed on video.  In this episode I break them down in the Nook.  You should ask yourself this question, what kind of person are you and are you even contributing to the growth of mankind.  If your answer is “I’m a monster and no.” Then don’t bother listening to this podcast, instead do us all a favor and take yourself out of the equation.

In this episode: The Human factor

  • Answer your phone cause it’s in your pocket
  • Move over! I’m more important
  • Teaching family values for generations to come.

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Image Source: http://www.contrarianism.net/2010/12/01/antogonizing-the-dunces-of-the-confederacy/