Ep38: Sticking to it ever since


From The Nook Podcast

The process of Self-discovery is always so uniquely different with each person.  When given the opportunity to take to the Nook, my special guest and up-and-coming local Portland, OR comedian Xander Deveaux, didn’t waste any time.  His segment literally starts in the fourth grade and then he takes you on a journey from his seriously dark and traumatizing life situations to the moment he decided who he needed to be. Xander never paints himself the victim; instead it was if everything was for a reason. I can tell you first hand from watching him live, it all was for a reason and his story, although just beginning, has turned out just fine.

In this episode:

Xander Deveaux


  • I might be mental
  • You look right
  • Hey I did this so I’m a lady now.
  • Saddest Tom Waits Song ever


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