Ep34: 50 years of bliss (Part 1)


From The Nook Podcast

There is one thing I have realized in my lifetime, finding the right person to love forEVER is a difficult task. We are forced to live the long stretch of our life with our siblings and family but you do not ever need to compromise with their idiotic beliefs, or dramatically bad choices.  Instead, you just need to endure hearing about it as your family tells you about them all in story form at a dinner. Basically, you ignore or block it out that you even had to hear these stories in the first place. Sure you can do this with a marriage too but I can tell you first hand, this does not work out. If you cannot compromise then you can expect the relationship not to last. It takes a very special type a person to survive 50 years of bliss. That type of person was born in the 1940’s and it will not be long before they go extinct. My parents are a part of this small dying breed. In a two part series I discuss their 50 years of successes and the effects it had on us as a family.

In this episode: 

  • When in a room with them you can see the dysfunction
  • You forgot the red sauce, well I know you are but what am I
  • Passive aggressive Theater transcript
  • 50 years of bliss


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