Ep33: Life is a b#%ch and then you die


From The Nook Podcast

I think the hardest part about being human is having the knowledge that at some point we will all die. This kind of information is a horrible burden; there is no way around death and as much as we all get that, why do we need to know, wuldn’t it just be easier if we didn’t?  I think this is why we never deal with death and horrible situations very well, because when someone gets sick or someone is dying, or a close friend of ours is slowly slipping away, we never handle the news right.  We don’t handle it right because it is a harsh reminder of our own mortality.

In this episode: 

  • My thoughts are always lost in translation
  • My thoughts and prayers are with you
  • The heavy burden of knowing you will die

Please follow the link below to The American Red Cross. Donate a few dollars to their relief fund for those affected by the disaster of Hurricane Sandy.