Ep 70: Introspective moods.


If you are listening to episode 70 because you want to laugh historically all the through it, you might want to skip this one. Is it funny in parts, yes. It is my nature to see the funny side of life. It is also in my nature to be very serious at times, analyzing everything happening to me. Anyone who knows me, understands this to be true. I am a passionate and sometimes deeply emotional man. I where them on my sleeve, but it is what keeps me connected to these experience which eventually end up on stage. If you truly want to witness my process in the raw, this is the episode for you. If not, load up a different podcast until I’m not in this introspective mood.



In this episode: Ep 70: Introspective moods.

  • The Walkabout update
  • STOP! This is a slow zone.
  • Getting filthy dirty in the moment
  • Comedy is what I do

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