Buy my new DVD, “Truth Hurts” Today

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It’s kinda a funny story. Okay, not really. All this time I thought my DVD, “Truth Hurts” was available to buy online at MY LITTLE STORE, Which by the way,  that’s my store. Well, I guess I never uploaded the product info. So all this time I was thinking, shit, why isn’t anybody buying my product? Maybe because they couldn’t. Sure a small glitch, not as big of a glitch “Affordable  Health Care Act” is going through, but a glitch never-the-less.

Anyway, TRUTH HURTS is now available for purchase as a hard copy DVD (comes with all extra features) and the money goes directly to me.  or you can purchase it as a digital video download on You can also purchase individual tracks or the entire fucking audio album over iTunes, cdbaby, and Amazon. With this many options there is no reason why you shouldn’t be garbing a copy today.

I’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to get this in as many formats as possible. Please do me a favor, don’t be a dick bag and make copies of it, spreading it all over the web. There isn’t much I can do to stop you from doing it. I’m not a record company , I’m just an artist who hopes you respect my intellectual property. Thanks in advance for not being a dick bag.

TRUTH HURTS Digital Video Download.
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Audio Version Available on

TRUTH HURTS Available on cdbaby

Audio Version Available on iTunes

TRUTH HURTS Available on iTunes