A servay is a great way to learn about me

In life by Lonnie Bruhn

My first and only one I’ll ever do. Would you shave your head if a family member asked you to because they had cancer? I’d shave my head to make fun of a family member who had cancer. What would you do if the doctor …

The old Journals-A light read on my opinion of Comcast

In The Old Content by Lonnie Bruhn

Comcast; A company that is run by the swarming of Satan’s parasitic jizz. I picture the headquarters of Comcast to be an 80 story long milky white transparent sausage skin with billions of little movements within, pulsating and stretching the skin out at the seams; Until it bursts open with a black cloud of clattering shelled half beetle, half roach insects scattering across the ground like spilled marbles and followed by a warm putrid breeze of fresh death, both pouring into every house and business until not one building is left without cable.

The Year 2009

In life by Lonnie Bruhn

Okay folks. Look If I don’t put it out there than I guess the universe and the world just will never know I want it. So here it goes: I want to have my year filled up with bookings and rise to the top of …