Ep20: Mezcal and the Worm

From The Nook Podcast





I just returned home from vacation/tour of the east coast, where I spent a week in the New Jersey, Philly area. I decided to get right back to the podcast because I haven’t talked with you people in a while.  I was very motivated because my podcast was among a several local podcasts reviewed in The Portland Mercury. They had this to say: “Angry, personal, and utterly unfiltered, comedian Lonnie Bruhn’s podcast is tailor-made for people who think Marc Maron’s been a little too cheerful lately. “-Alison Hallett

I don’t really see myself as angry, a bit cranky at times but angry, that I’m not so sure of.  Either way in ep20 I’ll get to the bottom of that and what better way than to also get to the bottom of my Mezcal and swallow my very first worm.  Of course, this is all in celebration of this surprise review.  Let’s see if I can get angry about it.

In this Episode:

  • I’m not angry, am I?
  • My career is on fire! Hey is thing on?
  • Colorado Shooting Sensationalism:
  • Wouldn’t be funnier if it was Chick-fill-it


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Ep19: It isn’t about You.


From The Nook Podcast

I take to the road after a week off of the podcast and decide to bring The Nook with me on the road.  My Nook is in a sad hotel room in Richland, WA but it is my duty to give you an insight of my emotional state while traveling.

In this episode I discuss:

  • Staying at Hotel California and eating at the Lonely Cafe
  • Fourth of July is an American holiday that captures the essence of our Culture in an M80 slash smoke snake.
  • You are FAT, that is true, but this isn’t about you
  • Hang it up Lonnie! Clicker ‘er Down! Click it!

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