Two firemen are butt fucking in a Smoked filled Room

So I got some bad news late last night from my old road hog, Joe Fontenot.  The great John Fox lost his bout with Cancer; at least I think he did, because sadly, he couldn’t even get press on his own death.  When I Googgled (can you believe that’s a verb now) John Fox dies, nothing of importance came up; that fact is depressing because Google gives us searches we were not even interested in until we typed two words together.  “Does hitt” brings up “Does hitting a dog work?” I’m sure if it no longer works on women than dogs caught on too. “Will Hum” brings up “Will Humans live forever”  No, and John Fox proved to us that at some point even God had seen enough of his 40 year old act and gave him the proverbial light…Time to get off stage.  What would have entertained me is when I put, “Did John Fox die?” into Google; it came back with “Yes, for the last 10 years.”

Am I being insensitive?  No, I am not.  This is John we are talking about.  He was as insensitive as they come.  Any female comedian who had to share a condo with him would certainly give you their two cents about that subject. That is, if she can even talk about it pending the ongoing investigation.

R.I.P. John Fox was the facebook update Joe gave us.  That stands for Rest in Peace, which is an odd thing to say about him because if his soul lives on like he did in life than I can assure you, not only will he not rest but neither will anyone left in the same area of Heaven. I hope Heaven has a bar that stays open late.

Here is the thing: It is a loss, but we lost him long before his death.  He was a legend in the comedy community.  His act was legendary both on and off the stage.  He started doing his rated “R” act his way but unfortunately it never evolved, it just grew as tired as he did.  He didn’t know many comics by name, but not because he was an ass, he just stopped caring.  His stories from at the end of the bar were amazingly colorful.  I personally would have loved to have heard those stories hit the stage, sadly they never got there.

He had an impact on us though; at least he had one on me.  He wanted to do it his way and he couldn’t give two shits about what the industry thought he should be doing.  He had his big moments mostly in the 80’s and certainly gave us a performance at every show.

Audiences loved him.   From stage, John was that character at the end of the bar named Red with a gravelly voice, a drink in hand, and pocket full of standards “jokes” that everyone in the room could enjoy.   You would laugh hard because he was simple that way.  There was no complex style and depth that sometimes ruins comedy, he was just a longshoreman telling us a joke that maybe we had listened to a thousand times before, or maybe we had never heard it before at all, but it never mattered.  It never mattered because he had mastered the way to tell it to us.  Some people have a knack for that, usually it is that guy at the end of the bar but in Fox’s case, he just took it one step farther; into the showroom and from behind the mic.

In my honest opinion John went on stage to hear laughter, he didn’t want to be an artist, he didn’t view his act as artistic, he just wanted it to keep it simple… make them all laugh and in the end, that in and of itself is an art.

A toast to you John Fox for the all the laughter you brought to the people.  “Two firemen are butt fucking in a Smoked filled Room…” Indeed, Mr. Fox, “How do you think it all got started in the first place.”

A message from John Fox in his last months.  It is original, honest and heartfelt.  In the end he wrote something new and hopefully it has impact


ep14: Facebook Can Have My Secrets

From The Nook Podcast

So today it may seem like I’m in a bad mood but I am not. The podcast is a way for me to vent my frustrations and today’s episode is no different.  Facebook users, look no one wants your comments, no one cares about your photos, what you did today and anyone who is copy and pasting your ideas into their life needs to evaluate more than copyright infringement laws.  You know what is a capital punishment, your minute to minute updates of your life. It should be punishable by death. As far as I’m concerned, if the government wants to watch my every move, they can; but don’t go crying that you have seen things you can’t un-see. If I know your watching, I’ll put on a show.

In this episode I discuss:

  • The Refrigerator Magnet design is flawed
  • Facebook can have my secrets
  • American Express has a farm on Farmville
  • The Operator Assistance is still alive
  • We used a rolling pin on each other and not for the reasons you think

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Barbie Don’t Bleed

From The Nook Podcast

I’m not always in the best mood when I wake up.  It’s not because I just realized, I’ve lived another day either because with all honesty, my life is amazing.  However, I’m tired in the morning and without my first cup of fuel for the day, I can be irritable. Throughout the day it usually gets better but when it doesn’t it most likely has something to with bad interactions with humanity.  Socially retarded moments with high functioning dinks can put me into a tailspin of anger; so the last thing I need to have is a dream in the middle of the night where I’m that guy!  What a great way to start the day off but with a dream that makes me feel shitty about myself.  I can do this on my own thank you very much. I don’t need a subconscious attack on my character at 4:00 AM in the morning. My head is a douchebag.

Creepy ideas

Creepy ideas

In this episode I discuss:

  • Bees invading our space
  • The age old debate, “What if Barbie was a real woman?”
  • and Cuddleuppets


Watch the video commercial
to get what I’m talking about:

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ep12: Old Man Sweaty Stinky Gym Breath

From The Nook Podcast

I joined a gym last week and I’m almost 10 days in but here is thing, when you join a fitness center and go on the road, you still need to continue the regiment.  How do you do that? Well you join another fitness center, and in my case, one that is an establishment where apparently it’s perfectly appropriate for old men to come over and invade my comfort space.  Yeah that happened. Gross men should keep to your own space

In this episode I discuss:

  • Why it is important to follow a set of guide lines put in place to protect grown men as they work out
  • Yes, I’m a bad speller, I get it, but F#$k you Iphone and your auto correct feature, you’re not making it any easier
  • We have a pet dog and you know what, dogs are animals, animals do not belong in homes
  • Facebook has a Suicide policy put in place.  Thanks FB for looking out for our well being.
  • I don’t think  I’ll be making father of the year.

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Sat night at the Wichita Bar & Grill. 9:PM

There are two big shows I do in the Portland area every year; this Sat night is one of those shows. I’ll be at the Wichita Bar and Grill with my new hour set “It’s Personal” with special guests Brady Echerer and Derek Tippner. Join me at 9:00 PM. All details are on the poster and in my tour dates.

Sat May 19th at 9:00 PM for only $4.00

I have had more fun this year than in many years past. My act is once again evolving to a new level. I’ve been seen by new faces, started a new personal podcast that has done wonders for my writing, pushed myself to perform in some tough situations to prove to the comedy community I can still play by their rules and won a major comedy contest under their comedy laws. Why did I do it, because it’s not about me being a dirty comedian with a raunchy set like my critics think, it’s always been about being true to myself and honest about my life. It has been about telling a great story and making people laugh because we all deserve it. People think I am trying to cross lines and push buttons; it has NEVER been about that, life crosses lines and is offensive so why should my comedy be any different. I walked into this world wearing a fucking orthopedic boot with an A.M. radio attached to it just for an incentive to move my ankle. That was the opening scene to my play, how could I not become who I am today?

There is no feeling sorry for myself, there is only what I have always loved, the connection with you the fan and this weekend I’ll be doing it once again building up for the new DVD later this year. Jon me and two special guests sets from a couple of comedians that are just now beginning their journey into the world I love. This will be a year to remember.

Go to the following link to learn how to get 50% of their ticket price:
See you on the other side

Orthopedic Boots for Dogs

From The Nook Podcast

Hey bringing you another episode of From the Nook Podcast.  Today’s episode I’m sure you are going to think to yourself, either Lonnie is having a manic attack or he is jacked up on crack.  It is neither unfortunately, no I was just zipping on Excedrin.  What a great over-the-counter cure to a hangover.  Never say I don’t help you get through life.

In Episode 11: 

  • Did you know that they have Orthopedic Boots for dogs? Yes they do, proving we are losing the battle of our own humanity.  In my honest opinion Dec 21st can’t get here soon enough for some people.  Either take me or them, but do it if for no other reason than the dog. Don’t believe me, well here you go:
    This Dog is sad, I'm sure

    This Dog is sad, I'm sure

  • Johnny Cash cover bands and the old fat Elvis Impersonator have a lot in common
  • Holding The neighborhood  hostage makes you a real winner!

ep10: Bad Acting

From The Nook Podcast

After taking a week off from the podcast to do some much needed traveling to a small but loveable town, Ellensburg, WA, it was time to return to the lonely mic in my breakfast nook.  I was itching to do another episode and wanted to add a couple of new treats and that is just what I did.  I hope you enjoy them, and if you did, comment to let me know because for now on,  my podcast comments are open.  I’d love to hear your opinions on all my topics too and by all means if you want me to rant about a topic on your behalf, place the topics in the comments and I’ll give you a shout out.

In episode 10:

  • A new segment for you to enjoy titled Bad Acting with Lonnie Bruhn.
  • Did you know the Iphone Is a smart phone? It is, but its mute button is its retarded brother.
  • An interview on the move with the Unknown Comic while heading to my gig.
  • Do you need help getting into that shower?
  • Next time I need to squeeze past you to get into the stall I’ll tongue you first.

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