ep9: The C-word

From The Nook Podcast

I’ll be real honest here and tell you that this episode became personal to me.  It is one I’ve wanted to tackle for some time.  I know you are thinking, REALLY Lonnie?  You care that much about the C-word you need to spend 45 minutes on it.  Well yes, I do think it is very important because The C doesn’t stand for what you think it does, It doesn’t even stand for Comedy. (Isn’t that sad) It stand for (C)redits, and apparently you need to have one if you ever want to go anywhere in this industry.  What happened to getting somewhere because you were funny?

This episode is about comedy, the industry, the many talented comedians that you never see because business isn’t about laughs per minute it’s about clubs putting a comedian on stage that theoretically puts asses in their seats.   Don’t worry; everything I say in this episode isn’t going to burn bridges because I don’t walk across those bridges anyway.  Comics like me take the back road to success, and if you are lucky enough you’ll get to see us during our trek but only if you travel the same roads we do.

 In this episode:

  • He God Blessed me
  • Full Grown Autistic Adults are blessed  
  • America’s Funnies Home Video shows us why the American civilization has had its 15 min of fame.
  • Comedians on Facebook
  • The comedy industry doesn’t want funny, however, people do.
  • The only industry that hasn’t increased its wages with inflation.
  • The New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival robbed real comedians of an opportunity.

The New Tour “This Time It’s Personal”

After my mom almost died last month and then had a 180 degree turn around; it didn’t take long for me to realize that I was being slapped yet again with a harsh reminder- life is to be taken a hold of and lived to its fullest. You must work hard to accomplish what seems to be the un-accomplishable. What a disturbing cliche, I know, but so is waking up out of bed and realizing that you’ve grown lazy again and comedy is now laughing back at me.

My parents gave up a lot to see me through my dream, and I’m not about to let them down. I’m not giving this shit up after all our hard work!  If I have to hit every dive bar across America because shit bookers with empty promises are worried to give me a mic than so be it.  I’ll reach my audience some how.  I’m 40 fucking years old and I want to be noticed.  My show isn’t over and the fat lady can sing all she wants because I’ll probably book her to follow my act.  My audience loves a great singing fat lady.

It aint over till the fat lady dies

It aint over till the fat lady dies

A lot around me is reminding me as of late that life for my age bracket has some sad realities.  Mom and Dads are getting old and tired.  Judge Judy and The Price is Right  isn’t enough anymore to sell them on the idea of sticking around. So some just slip away and sometimes it isn’t pretty to see. It gives someone like me pause and perspective on my own fatality. The road I am traveling on, where it is leading me? When a comedian takes a moment to look at our surrounding, we do what we do best, we observe it, then write it down.

My new tour and CD/DVD project is doing that.  It takes a look at my life at age 40, my kids life and their childish obstacles and big dreams.  It dives into my own childhood growing up, my relationships with my parents, family, friends and lovers.  It will leave me naked to those listening and watching.  It will be me as of old but it will NOT be me busting down walls to prove a point but instead I’ll use “their” rules against them that kept me from playing “their” rooms to prove that I can say what I want and people do listen.  People do listen because it isn’t just a set up and punchline, it is my story and “It’s Personal”


ep:8 Whisle While You Work

From The Nook Podcast

Sorry fans, Episode 8 is a week late because the majority of last week I was sick.  Although sick, I did the recording while I was just coming down with the illness but it was post production I failed you all on.  The episode is a bit shorter format because of the sickness but in the end, I think 25 min is really just about right for a good length anyway.

In episode 8:

  • Water is truly a friend when you are ill.
  • People who whistle should be punched
  • As a young boy I used to play pretend movies like Tree Doctor
  • Fat people who get so fat they stink like rotten death


The new material for the New DVD “It’s Personal”

While at a gay friendly bar— and I am pretty sure it was but it is hard to tell when living in Portland, OR.  Although I had a hunch by the bartender’s mustache.  The thing about Portland bars is its hard to tell which ones are gay friendly and which ones are just friendly. I don’t care either way but knowing might help me figure out the type of game I’ll need to play to get the free drink.


Anyway like I said, while at what I think may have been a gay friendly bar, I wrote out the new set list I’m working on for my new DVD/CD. “It’s Personal” At present it is  roughly 55 min long and that is timed without including the new stuff not yet flushed out. That means there still might be material dropped from the set and new bits added you have never heard.  I hate to say the word, “bit” because I don’t do bits, I tell stories, but I hope you get the point or your fucking stupid.

I should mention though,  the first 12 min of material is brand new to almost all of you that haven’t seen my set in the last month. Followers, lovers, haters and broken souls who unfortunately fell into this site;  I haven’t worked this hard on a new act since I dropped my old squeaky clean act from the beginning days of my career in the late 90’s  to the provocative, edgy one you all are familiar with now. You should know that this new project is not about being dirty but being honest and personal.  It isn’t about trying to shock you but rather doing what I do best, leading you all down a rabbit hole and getting you all out safely.   It is about my personal challenges in life, my sons, my my rapidly ageing body and my middle aged adventures and those who I love coming to the end of their adventures. It is personal, and I’m still not sure what the end result will be, but it will NOT be Lonnie of old, it is a brand new transition and my forever evolving act.

Here is my question though, and please respond by commenting: What do people really want, DVD or a CD that is easily played in cars, duplicated for friends easily or a web based act downloaded from the website or Itunes?  What media format is best for you?
Don’t count me out of the game yet, cause the race has really just begun.