ep7: Fantasy of Lies

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In episode 7 I discuss playing Dungeon & Dragons with my boys, shooting Asians from a helicopter in Idaho, The elite forces of The Yellow Berets and when people lie we not only have to hear the lie but we become their co-depended accomplice to the lie. Lonald Podcast: Play in new window | Download (Duration: 48:04 — 66.1MB)

Returning to The Dugout Sports Bar in Keizer, OR

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A lot is going on these days from thew new podcast project “From The Nook” to working on material for my new DVD I hope to have finished and for sale next year.  This Sat night you can see me at The Dougout Sports Bar in Keizer, OR at 8:PM working on the new material and style.  It’s a return …

ep6: Hand Jobs

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In this episode I discuss the following: The word out on the town is that the job market has crashed and there is nothing out there for the common worker. I bring to light  the many employment options awaiting you across the country, how to make a legitimate easy income without implementing some fast make it rich scam. I also …

ep5: From Tears Comes Laughter

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In this episode I discuss the following: life happens to everyone, but sometimes life is full of a bag filled with dead kitten tears. The difference between how a regular person handles it and a comedian, is that a comedian must and WILL find the funny in it.  That is what this episode is all about.  My mom almost died …

ep4: I’m In Man

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In this episode I discuss the following: Here’s something serious you didn’t know about me. An awkward conversation to have with your 11 year old boy about his balls I get angry over the stupidest shit. James Inman and his angry rants. One thing I learned about my first episode under the new title was that I needed to get …