The 2012 5th Annual New Orleans Comedy Arts Festival

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been formally invited to NOCAF 2012 in New Orleans Feb 1st through the 3rd. This is my first time performing in the Big Easy and this announcement comes on the heels of my 40th birthday. This is important and very exciting news to me because this year it has been my goal to be seen by people who have the opportunity to catapult my career to a new level. Here is to being 40 in the Big Easy, Lonnie Bruhn in the French quarter probably has you all thinking that would be a like a Hurricane of destruction but I assure you I will be at the top of my game to assure my style gets represented.

I perform on Wednesday Feb 3rd and Thursday Feb 4th at 7:30 PM both nights.  All the info is on my tour page but you can also find me on
La Nuit Comedy Theater
along with a full list of other comedians.  Now here is the the thing.  I’m on the list but they spelled my name Lonnie Bruhl.  It would be greatly appreciated if you wrote the webmaster and informed them of their fatal flaw at No need to be a dick just polity inform them that they spelled my name and that you are a huge follower and just showing support for someone who is debuting in the big easy.

Yours truly