An honest piece of me.

Eighteen years of shows, eighteen years of some of the greatest memories in my life, eighteen years of smiling faces. How can I ever thank you for that kind of gift.

I’ve entertained a lot of people in my life and sat with many after my shows or hung with them at an open mic and I’ve had a lot of nice compliments but the one that confuses me the most is, “Lonnie, you have a gift.” I don’t know what it is that I do, I can’t even pretend to have an answer for such a statement. Here’s the reason I’m lost on it, you are all the ones that give me something.

So why I am being so serious? Well I’ve been thinking a lot about where I am in life lately, my challenges, my successes and as brutally sincere as I am on stage, I’ve never stopped to give you a piece of my life that didn’t have a funny twist attached. So today I’ve decided to tell you what’s on my mind.

Like you, I have my own pile of shit to wade through. However, when I’m on stage making you all laugh though, I forget about it all. It really is a remarkable moment in time because it is my job to take your mind off your daily grind, an in that same moment you take my mind off mine. I don’t think about my walking, my fear of falling, my son and his diabetes, my trust issues, or my struggling finances. The only thing that is there with me on stage is our connection, our happiness and the twisted adventures I’ve been on.

So let me tell you all how much I appreciate that which you give me.

So what is in the future for me and my career? Every comedian wants to be at the top of there game, everyone wants fame and fortune. I’m no different. I have my aspirations, but I have them for different reasons. Sure I would like to make great money at this, but I want the fame because I absolutely love what I do and what happens between us when I am onstage. I want that relationship and connection with as many people as I can. I’d like that because truthfully I have a difficult time doing it one on one anyway. Ask any woman I’ve ever loved.

It’s frustrating though because in this business, you don’t get ahead because of how funny you are, you get it because of the TV credits you have and the people you know. I really am the black sheep of comedy too. The scene wants nothing to do with me. I’m not jaded. I understand. I just gave up trying to get anywhere through those means. I’ve decided that the only people I need to know in this industry are yourselves and the other thousands of great undiscovered talented comedians. More on this subject later. Until that blog, if you enjoy me and my style, well then tell as many people as you know and let’s do this. There is more than one way to walk this road to success.

Some day I’m going to look back at this very moment, smile and write another one of these serious blog entries and thank you for getting my message out. Until then I’ll see you from my stage.

Sincerely, thank you for the last eighteen years of laughter. The magic never happens in an empty room.