My Son Braedon

This is a long post I realize, but please take the time to read it. This is very personal to me and my family.

Where have I been lately? This is about my most recent events.

If there is one thing I am known for on the stage is ability to give you every piece of who I am. I don’t hold back any secrets, my stories are true and my life is yours to laugh at. I have even shared the darkest weaknesses of my disability from the falls to the wandering eye, my rubber chicken hand, and the seizures. They have all played out their rolls to make you laugh. Why, because what is this shit hole if we don’t find a reason to laugh at it. If you think God is cruel you are wrong, he’s the first and only comedian and his designs are our punch lines.

I don’t discuss too much about my family. If you didn’t know, I have two great sons; Braedon who is 9 and my youngest son Charlie who just turned 6. These two boys are my life outside of the life I share with you. I can’t seem to find a woman to love, respect or commit to and in reality I disconnect from most of my closest in life from time to time. My son’s however have been the exception.

I don’t discuss them not because I keep them safe from the butt of my jokes but only that I have not found funny in our stories yet. Well I have, but nothing I think you’d die over, maybe I’m wrong though.

Well I do have some sad news that I wish I didn’t have to tell you all. Some news just isn’t worth sharing, but because it has to deal with my son, it is important you do know and it also why I am telling you personal issues within my family.

My oldest son Breadon was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes about three weeks ago and was placed in the hospital for a week during his time of diagnoses. The truth is, he was close to death and we almost lost him. Since then he has bounced back strong and living a normal life again with the added responsibilities of a strict lifestyle change and a regiment of insulin shots. He is insulin depended and will be for life. Many live with this so after the initial shock we moved on.

That’s the worst of the news. Here is the good news.

What I do on stage has always helped me just as much as my jokes have helped you and on Friday November 27th this will be no different.

I am throwing a huge benefit show for Braedon and his mom to help raise money for a fucking outrageous hospital bill while he stayed at hotel Doernbecher. This will be no normal benefit. It will be as usual, a no holds bar show, and we will find humor in this, even in the darkest place. That much will not change.

It will be held at Dante’s with some of my closest comedian friends and my second family, you. 100% of the proceeds we make at the door will be put into a fund for his future needs. All my DVD sales will also be added to our loot.

The bill is going to be big! I will be joined by Jessa Reed, Don Frost; Joe Fontenot will work with me again for the first time in two years and one of my dearest friends, Kristine Levine. I will close out the comedy portion of the show. Then following comedy my close friend from 4th grade, his band Rustmine will play out the remainder of the evening while we get drunk and entertain ourselves.

This will be the most meaningful and important show I will have done. With all sincerity, I hope all of you can help support this cause by joining me and my friends for this show. Please put it in your calendar. More info will be posted when it is available.

Please do me a favor and resend this bulletin to everyone you know and ask them to send it to everyone they know and I hope all of you can make it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I personally give a huge thanks to Frank from Dante’s for helping me put this show together in his room.

Where: Dante’s in downtown Portland

When: Friday November 27th

Lineup: Jessa Reed, Don Frost, Joe Fontenot, Kristine Levine, and music by Rustmine!

More info to follow, check back soon.