More fun for us today

I don’t know what my trip has been lately but lately I’ve been finding a lot of interesting shit on the Internet. It probably has to do with the Ativan I now take. I’m not sure If even like that drug. I can’t cum now, yeah, no one told me that was a side effect. On the other hand. I have been very productive since I have no reason to look at porn anymore. I don’t have 4 hours of time in my day and 8 glasses of water later to sit around trying to push one out.

Anyway I have two videos below that I think are really fucking cool. The first is the sound of Jupiter and it is really creepy.  Since space is a vacuum there is no sound but planets all have a vibration. This is sound was the vibrations of Jupiter and was recoded by NASA-Voyager as it passed by the planet.

Use a headset if you can.

The second is the History Channels documentary on the Mayan calendar and it’s relation to 2012. This is the first video of three. I’m obsessed with this shit in the way Joe Rogan is obsessed with aliens.