Ricky Gervais on God

Okay you know the thing is there are very few comedians today that really are a pleasure to watch from both an entertainers stand point and also from the brilliance they also pour out on stage. Ricky Gervais has both of these qualities and also if you haven’t caught an episode of Extras. By the entire fucking two seasons. What a great show.

This a a great bit to watch. Enjoy And by all means tell me what you think.

Help Rick Emerson get his voice back!

Finally something I can jump on board with and really get behind. I have had no life in me lately, nothing to blog about and little to say to anyone. Instead you’ve gotten small blurbs out of me on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace, all while entertaining myself on Xtube and playing Mafia Wars. That’s right I said it, I play Mafia Wars, and while I’m at it, I need more mafia family members.

Now though I am joining a movement, and I am not much of a follower, but I am a huge advocate of all things great, and The Rick Emerson show (now on KUFO) is that and so much more. You can’t even use the word great to describe Emerson’s show. The very word “great” should be bound up to a wall and we should use waterboard tactics on it until it screams another word which is more appropriate to describe the kind of radio that Rick, Sarah X. Dylan and Tim Riley bring to radio waves.

Give Rick Emerson’s voice back! Why, because CBS radio and KUFU have collectively decided that instead of his voice, we should hear more modern rock during the 5 AM drive time. That is right folks The suits have decided to cut back his talk time and replace it with more music. Read this article by Kelly Clarke in WW for more info

Then join the army that will change their minds. We are all mobilizing over here at this blog. “Save the Rick Emerson Show,” This blog was put together by Froemke, a 31 year old former Portlander and huge fan of the show. And you will soon notice Emerson has a huge cult following with thousands of devoted fans. I am one of them.

It is a rare find to come across a radio show as good as his. It is a rare find to find anything at that is good anymore. It has taken him years to perfect it and make it what it is today. His show proves radio is not dead. However, decisions like CBS/KUFO executives are making are in fact the reason it is being killed.

The truth is, Emerson is a weird guy, hell the entire cast is weird, but so is Portland, and if we are going to insist on keeping Portland weird then don’t shoot our messengers.

Why am I an advocate of his format being returned to the way it was? Why do I even give a fuck? Why should you? I will tell you why, I don’t like it when people that know nothing about art or the value of something and only see numbers, hinder and shit on the ones that do.

I too have loyal fans that give a shit about what it is I do and who have gone to bat for me and appreciate all things good. So I thought I should let you know this is something I care about. So please help me help Rick Emerson GET HIS FUCKING VOICE BACK!