Mar 192009

Look before you start reading this and think I’m going to be an insensitive fuck, this has nothing to do with the death of or the character of Natasha Richardson.   I didn’t even know who she was.   After seeing a few pictures I gathered she liked to show off the goods a bit though, and well she should have she was beautiful.

What is it though with us and motorizing people we know nothing about and even more so when they die tragically young or at the peak of their career?   I saw one comment on youtube from the movie “Parent Trap”, that read: ” R.I.P. Natasha.. you were a very lovely and caring mother in this movie.. great actress.. we will miss you.”

What the fuck does that mean?   She was a great mother- Yeah, in pretend land.   MOVIES ARE NOT REAL.   I don’t know much about her at all other then Parent Trap was a bad decision in the same way it was a bad decision to ski that slope.

Okay yell at me for being crass if you like but I think it’s just as crass to talk about the death of someone as if you knew who they were.   Have a little respect for the people who did know them. Look, she was an actress;   she didn’t even know who she was.

It’s not just her though;   every celebrity who dies gets all of these ass-twat-morons crawling out of the woodwork to comment on what a loss it was and how sad it is to see them go.    I even hear of people doing it with non-celebrities.

I had a friend call me up crying because this kid in her collage class committed suicide.    I asked if she was close to him,  she said he sat on the other side of the room.

REALLY!   It is bad enough we have to morn the loss of a loved one,  now we have to have empathy for some selfish fuck who couldn’t cut the pressure of biology class,  some girl who didn’t love him  and a family who just had no understanding of who he was.

Natasha Richardson,  I have no idea what kind of person she was.   Let’s assume she was a great lady with a wonderful heart and it really is a tragic loss.   The only part I can get behind is the tragic loss part;   only because really, most people who are taken from the world are a tragic loss.

What if on-the-other-hand,  Natasha was a bitch?   What if she hated children,  had pets that she neglected,  emotionally abused everyone in her life,  was a cunt on set and couldn’t work with anyone in her movies without creating mass drama?   What if she fucked her way to all the success she had and destroyed other people’s lives and careers at the sake of securing her own?  Then would the slope accident be a horrifically sad accident or a fitting end to the icy cold abyss that should have been her heart?

More then than likely that isn’t the case,  but since we don’t know her we will never know.   If that was the case though and if I were one of her abused pets or emotionally destroyed friends. Seeing comments from total strangers about what a loss it was and what a great pretend mother she turned out to be in that shitty movie.   Those comments would be just one more kick to my heart when at last I thought I could finally rest in peace.

So what would I comment about the death of Natasha Richardson?  If I was to say anything it would be only on the things I know for sure.

“Natasha Richardson, a beautiful woman, unexpectedly taken from the world. I give my respects to those who knew her best.”