The Old Journal Entries: #14-Train Wreck Titties!

Originally Posted June 24th, 2003
Train Wreck tiities!!!

As long as I have been collecting tit shots I have been gracious in my wording to those who have either sent in shots or those who have popped them out for a quick snap of the camera. Well this is the first time that I can not ignore the fact that this pair is fucking beat to hell. I’m sorry but there are people that know me for speaking the brutal truth and if I held back many of them would loose respect. Not too mention I would loose respect in myself. These tits have to be truthfully evaluated. Now even as cruel as I may be in the next paragraph I will admit that these are true American titties. Why is that? Because the average tits don’t look like fucking gold. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. They are not brushed over and perky, saluting the sky. Most are sad and droopy, and if they could talk would have the voice of Eeyore.

This pair of breast should be in a battered women’s shelter. The nipples look like they’ve been chewed on and fought over by a couple of Coyotes. I can’t tell if they’re jumping out because they’re happy to get air or if they’re trying to escape like a kid jumping out of a moving van. Something tells me if I went to touch them, they’d flinch.


This girl has spirit

I love this pair of breast and even better, she’s cute. She has a lot of spirit. Her pose says, “fuck cheerleaders, I’ll show you my boobs.” And she gets extra points for having her nipples pierced, it allows for a focal point. This picture was taken at a “chatter party” Which if you want to find out more about then come back in a few days and read about.


Aspiring comedian and good friend, drunken Josh Lay:

These shots were also taken at the “chatter party” It’s a great way to see the degrading factor of alcohol.

Phase one:
“Yeah I want more to drink you dumb fuck! I’m from Tennessee, we can handle our hooch.”

Phase two:
“Leave me alone! I don’t give fuck that I’m sleeping in urine.”


NRK Photes of me, Marconi, and Tiny from my May 5th show.

Thanks again for having me on the show, I appreciate everything you guys have done. I’m lucky as hell to be apart of your show.

Marconi on the left—–Tiny on the right.

The Old Journal Entries: #14- It’s about fucking time!!!—- Tits!

Originally posted June 20th 2003

It’s about fucking time!!!—- Tits!

I know, I know, it took a while, and I received a few emails from those who wanted to see the tits on the site and wondering when the fuck I was going to post them. Sorry, besides the fact that I was a bit lazy over the last few weeks, I was also busy on the road, and when I had the time free I was working other projects that needed attention. So now without further adieu. the new titty shots.

Salem Titties!

These tits are brought to you by Dave T: Now of course they’re not his, but they are his girlfriend’s, and wow!, these tits are fucking beautiful. She was so cool to let me take a few shots of her. What a nice body too, Oh my god Dave is a lucky man, and who would have thought that titties this nice would have come imported from Salem, OR. These are tits you can cum on. Dave, send me more, please!

Oh and I want to thank everyone in Salem, I had such a great fucking time. I can’t wait to return, hopefully it will not take as long to get back! I love my fans in Salem. see you all next time.


Look at the body on this girl. Fuck!


She’s so hot I look like i’ve just had a seizure. Jesus Christ, can I look any more fucking retarded. See that’s what happens when you don’t make it back to a town for two years, you drink until you roll your eyes back into your head.

Photo taken by Dave “T”


mohawk lady:

It always amazes me at how dazed and confused I look during tit shots. It almost looks like these women are taking advantage of the specially needy. I love mohawk girl, she’s a very cool cat and great titties makes me grow fonder of the soul. Her nipples are my favorite type of nipples too, sort of hot and puffy. Well little hot and puffy is so cool she’s going to piss in a bottle and let me post the photos on the site. She’s a wild one. Now that’s love.

photo taken by my good friend comedian Keith Wallan


Mohawk girl letting Keith get the best look. She’s a champ. Look for this girl later because I’m going to get a series out of this one.

picture taken by me


This is mohawk girl before the mohawk. She just sent this one to me for fun. Now, I have no idea why the face is blurred, maybe the photographer was jacking off at the time he took this, I would, and then shoot the load and guess where?

Well that’s it for the tittie shots for now but I still have pictures worth looking at so continue scrolling down after you’re done splattering your seed.


Farewell to Amy:

I met this woman at Roscoe’s Bar & Grill, An open mic in Portland I attend on Wednesday night. The room is on 81st and S.E. Stark. Show time starts between 9:00 P.M. and 10:00. I always go there when I’m town so I can work on new material and it’s worth going to, cause you’ll always see me in rare form. She was a bartender there, and over time, we became good friends. She had to move on, and well she should of, she’s a beautiful and intelligent woman worth more to this world then a drink just before last call. I love you Amy, You’ll be missed by all of us down at Roscoe’s. Ii hope we meet again along our journey.

One last thing, this was the shot she wanted me not to post, but come on Amy, you’d have to be on crack to think I wouldn’t post this one. It’s a great shot of you.


God’s country:

God’s country is the place in-between a one-nighter and a real comedy room.


And this is what it looks like on the way up the stairs to success. It’s hard to believe that a view like the one you just saw was what we had to go by in order to get to this fine destination.

A truck stop slash comedy room in K-falls, OR. Now that’s reaching out the real people in America. And I can tell you, I can’t wait to get back. Truck stop comedy is a fine vintage. the only thing I can really compare it to is bowling ally comedy, which is by-the-way on the same run.

Thanks K-falls.


see you all on the next update:

I’m heading back to Laffs in Albuquerque, NM next week and Harvey’s after that, so I’ll be pretty busy. I’ll see you all when I get back, hopefully with new titties and great stories!